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"Great Ark". (Exports of life to the universe) - Application on GOOGLE project "10 to 100 degree" (10 ^ 100)

"Great Ark". (Exports of life to the universe) - Application on GOOGLE project "10 to 100 degree" (10 ^ 100)

"Great Ark". (Exports of life to the universe)

How to describe your idea in one sentence? (maximum 150 characters)
The man - a real creative force in the universe, and this work should be started right now!

Describe your idea in more detail. (300 words)

Placing on the Moon special complexes, carrying the mission of "Great Ark".
Main directions:
1. microcapsule biological crop (the dispersion in the direction of the major star clusters microcapsules with biological material).
The biological material will be grown directly on the Moon and dissipate into space using landline accelerator capsules.

2. Information sowing (setting long-term autonomous broadcasting systems, spreading in various ranges of the main or even the whole information accumulated by mankind).
Development systems with the highest reliability and self-powered, which will be broadcast over the millennia.

3. Sending a large, complex information and biological capsules.
The use of reactive (complex) accelerators to send.

4. Bookmark and biological information bank both on the Earth and other celestial bodies (Moon, Mars, asteroids). Supplying banks with automatic long-term beacons.
Banks biological material (fertilized embryos in suspended animation, seeds, algae, spores, bacteria strains, etc.). Information banks in the form of highly reliable information carriers.

5. The colonization of the Moon and Mars. The issue of autonomy of the colonies outside Earth.
Increasing the probability of the survival of humanity.

What issue is devoted to your idea? (150 words)

The mission of man and mankind as a whole. The meaning of life, the meaning of technology. The ability to exert joint efforts for supergoal.
Why would a man appeared on Earth? Why you were born? "Great Ark" - an ambitious project designed to influence the next
15 billion years of the universe and our entire galaxy in particular. Anyone can become part of a truly divine in scope and importance of the mission.
"Great Ark" - a World super-idea, of course, one of the possible, and most importantly - real, and, as time has shown - pressing.
The likelihood of international conflict, global warming or cooling, increased seismic activity, asteroid - there are many reasons
extinction of mankind. But humanity has already reached the level of information to biologically and "fertilize" the universal vastness.

If your idea will be implemented, how and to whom it will bring the most benefit? (150 words)
Not only the implementation, but even the very movement it will benefit all people on Earth, as the rationale for their life and future lives, as well as those that lived before.

What are the initial steps required to implement your ideas into reality? (150 words)
1. Popularization and global discussion of the idea of ​​using the Internet and other means of mass media.

2. Involvement of interested people. Building a global Internet community.

3. Create a real official community, the choice of FES-committee. Fund Establishment, start fundraising for the project.

4. Develop a detailed project. Bringing research and design teams as paid principle and on the principle of the current Open Source design.

5. Attracting investment. Collecting donations and investments in the future.

6. Phased implementation. (Building a base on the Moon. The construction of plants to the Moon, producing the biological material. Construction and start-up accelerator. Construction and start broadcasting systems, etc.)

7. Beginning of works on the base of the colonies on the Moon and Mars.

If your idea be selected and successfully implemented, what will be achieved? How do you evaluate them? (150 words)
Implementation and even the desire for it will help to unite the broad strata of people from different countries and within each country, the development of technologies, broaden their horizons.
The promotion, design and implementation of the idea of ​​"Great Ark" will lead to the consolidation of humanity, to enhance the development of new technologies, to the emergence of a new concept - "MAN of SPACE", "Homo Spatium".
The main effect is expected in the overall positive psychological attitude due to involvement in the greatest mission in the history of mankind.

You can also recommend a specific organization or specify the type of organization that is suitable for the implementation of your plan (no more than 50 words).
International Foundation. International Coordinating Council, etc.


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