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README russian version: http://camopu.rhorse.ru/LocalizationHelper-ru

I had to deal with multiple iOS / Mac OS X Xcode projects which were written for a language interface which required further localization into another language.

The algorithm is fairly obvious, but as .storyboard .xib files and then with the addition of localization appear .strings files in that and you need to make the translation.


It is understood that before the publication of the application in the iTunes / AppStore all translated strings will be checked and corrected by certified technical translators and marketers. But before that you need to get the original draft version.

Of course, we can use Google Translate. However, the service in the translation spoils key fields and comment fields, containing the basic text. For ease of use and simple tool LocalizationHelper was written.

  1. Copy the contents of the original file .strings and stick to the «Source» field LocalizationHelper. img1

  2. Translate into Google Translate and transfer the result to paste the field «Localized» LocalizationHelper. img1

  3. By clicking on the button bar melting «Result», we obtain a combined corrected data. They immediately sent automatically to the clipboard. This data is simply inserted into the target .strings file in Xcode. img1

Hopefully, this program will be useful to you. Have a good day!

Binary for Download Mac OS X 10.8+: https://github.com/sergemoskalenko/LocalizationHelper/blob/master/LocalizationHelper.zip


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